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EA-1B4 Orange Emergency Evacu Aid Flat Stretcher For Fire Scene

The obvious characteristics of disaster accidents are sudden, great harm, and wide spread. The on-site rescue must be quick response, quick in place and quick treatment. First aid stretcher is one of them, is a medical professional transport tool, which greatly facilitates the handling work of medical staff, is a practical and safe handling tool for patients with severe trauma. Suitable for ambulance, hospital field gym to transport the wounded and patients, also suitable for general surgery.

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EA-1B4 Orange Emergency Evacu Aid Flat Stretcher For Fire Scene Description:
The first aid stretcher is a special tool for carrying the injured in the lying position, and its maximum effect is to allow the maximum number of people to survive. Evacuation Aid Stretcher is made of high strength aluminum alloy and PVC waterproof fabric. The orange stretcher’s high quality PVC material is waterproof and tear resistant, and is very easy to clean, avoiding blood stains. Due to the complex situation of the disaster site, the stretcher can be stacked up, ready to use, to deal with different dangerous situations, so that the on-site emergency treatment work quickly and efficiently.
EA-1B4 Orange Emergency Evacu Aid Flat Stretcher For Fire Scene Features:
1. Made of high strength aluminum alloy and PVC waterproof cloth stretcher surface, light weight, small volume, breathable and comfortable, can be scrubbed with water.
2. Round handle, easy to lift.
3. Stretcher cannot be folded horizontally. Two people are required to lift the stretcher.
4. With four supports. Wheelless design, suitable for fast or long distance mobile escort in emergency rescue.
5. Mainly suitable for serious accidents or disaster sites, transport when a large number of casualties, can be quickly and conveniently deployed to different rescue sites, suitable for all kinds of victims. It is an ideal stretcher for mass casualty and catastrophic situations.
6. After use, the stretcher can be stacked up to provide compact storage space. Stretcher surfaces are durable and fireproof, while avoiding contamination with blood and body fluids.
7. The support is made of high thickness aluminum alloy, which can be safely and stably supported on the ground.

Model Unfolded Size Folded Size Packing Load Bearing
EA-1B4 185x52x18cm 187x53x32cm 160kg

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