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EA-1B3 Green Army Portable Stretcher War Use Military Folding First Aid Stretcher

The Emergency Foldable stretcher is a light weight foldable, portable easy to store stretcher, which can be used to shift immobile conscious or unconscious people to safety. Under normal circumstances, the injured need to use stretcher carrying, can make the injured safe, avoid aggravating the injury. Approved by Clinic practice and suitable for Ambulance, hospital battlefield gym to carry the wounded and patients and also suitable for general operations.

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War Use Military Folding Stretcher Description:

The first aid stretcher is the vital medical equipment to carry the injured. Army Stretcher is made of aluminum alloy and Oxford leather for light weight. Portable stretcher can be folded four times into the bag, saving space. Simple structure, fast, convenient and labor-saving for carrying patients. Open the stretcher surface and fasten the safety belt for use. Not only to the medical staff and family members to provide convenience, more importantly for the precious rescue.

War Use Military Folding Stretcher Features:

1. Aluminum alloy round tube handle, comfortable feel. Stretcher support surface is made of Oxford fabric.
2. Thickened pipe interface, strong and durable.
3. Four fold folding design, strong flexibility.
4. Two adjustable seat belts reduce turbulence.
5. Aluminum alloy frame, surface oxidation electroplating treatment. Beautiful and not easy to rust.
6. It is mainly used for emergency use in hospitals, outpatient departments, ambulances, fire fighting and military field to transport the wounded and sick, or enterprises and institutions, rural clinics, nursing homes and tourist attractions.
7. This product can be folded into the camouflage shoulder bag, saving space, easy to carry.
8.Optional color: blue, camouflage.

Model Unfolded Size Folded Size Packing Load Bearing
EA-1B3 185x52x4cm 46x52x15cm 53x52x19cm 160kg

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