• Folding Stretcher, Emergency Rescue Stretcher, Hospital Stretcher

EA-1A1/2/3/4 Hospital Portable Emergency Rescue Folding Stretcher

The stretcher is a military folding stretcher made of high-strength aluminum alloy material and waterproof leather. The stretcher fabric is fireproof, waterproof, crack resistant and easy to clean. It is characterized by light weight, convenient carrying, reliable quality and safe use. It is mainly used for hospitals, emergency centers and battlefields for the transportation of wounded and sick.

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EA-1A1/2/3/4 Rescue Folding Stretcher Features:
1.It is made of high-strength aluminumalloy and oxford leather materials.
2.Optional color: blue, orange.
3.Optional fabric: oxford leather, orange PVC.

Folding Stretcher, Emergency Rescue Stretcher, Hospital Stretcher


Open Size (L*W*H) 

Fold Size (L*W*H)

Self Weight


EA-1A1 185*52*20cm 93*52*10cm 5kg 159kg
EA-1A2 185*52*15cm 93*52*10cm 5kg 159kg
EA-1A3 185*52*20cm 93*52*14cm 7kg 159kg
EA-1A4 185*52*20cm 46*52*15cm 8kg 159kg


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