• Protective?Clothing, Medical Protective Clothing, Medical Coveralls, Surgical Protective Clothing, Protective Suit
  • Protective?Clothing, Medical Protective Clothing, Medical Coveralls, Surgical Protective Clothing, Protective Suit

EA-17 Disposable Full-body Medical Protective Clothing For Coronavirus

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EA-17 Medical Protective clothing suitable for contact with blood, body fluids, secretions, particulates in the air, etc. of potentially infectious patients.This product blocks 99% of the virus and targets Ebola and New Coronavirus.

EA-17 Medical Protective clothing is composed of a hooded top and pants, and elastic cuffs are used for the cuffs, ankles, hat face and waist. The main material is polyester high-density woven fabric, and the structure is divided into two types: one-piece and two-piece.

Material:Non-woven Fabric/PP+PE

Protective?Clothing, Medical Protective Clothing, Medical Coveralls, Surgical Protective Clothing, Protective Suit

EA-17 Medical Protective clothing Feature:
1. Good Breathability
Using high-quality fabric, one-way breathable, highly effective antibacterial, can quickly restore the internal heat.

2.Prevent Fine Particles

Can filter fine particles, dust, etc.Effective Sound Insulation.Effectively isolate various external liquids, filter volatile gases, and avoid direct contact.

3.Hooded Design
Hooded head design and elastic design at the mouth, effectively isolate dust and microorganisms

4.Zipper Design
Easy to put on and take off

5.Elastic Cuffs
Freely retractable, effective barrier, easier work.

6.Elastic Waist Design
Elastic waist design makes it fitter and meets the needs of different body shapes.

Usage scenario expected:
1. ICU(after EO sterilization)
2.diagnosis and treatment of suspected or confirmed infected patients
3.transfer or accompany the diagnosis of patients with
suspected or confirmed infections
4.sample collection of suspected or confirmed infections.
5.Laboratory infection sample detection
6.environment cleaning disinfection
7.corpse disposal
8.fever /respiratory/ emergency/ pediatrics clinics

Instructions for use:
1. Open the protective clothing, check whether it is damaged, and unzip it to a suitable location;
2. Hold the protective clothing coveralls and sleeves with your left and right hands, and at the same time grasp the opening of the protective clothing waist zipper to avoid contact with the ground; wear the lower limbs first, then the upper limbs, and then wear the coveralls on the head to tighten The rubber band manually puts the hat tightly against the head. After pulling the zipper all the way to the top, the neckband is glued. Finally, the rubber bands at the cuffs and ankles are manually tightened to ensure tightness;
3. When taking off the protective clothing, first open the neckline sticker, pull the medical protective clothing zipper to the end, loosen and tighten the rubber bands, and pull up the conjoined cap with both hands, so that the cap is off the head; grasp the shoulders on both sides of the medical protective clothing, The protective clothing is lowered below the shoulders. First, hold the edge of the contaminated surface (outside) of the right-handed medical glove with your left hand, take off the glove (with the inside facing outward), and hold it in your
hand. Then enter the inside of the left-handed glove with your right hand, and take off the medical glove (inside-out).With both hands coming out of the sleeves, grasp the inner side of the medical protective clothing with both hands, and roll off from inside to outside and from top to bottom until all are taken off.
4. After taking off the protective clothing, roll the protective clothing into a covered trash can and discard it.

Model EA-17 Protective?Clothing
Material: 63gsm breathable film lamination Material
Color: White
Size: S,M,L,XL,XXL, XXXL as requested
Certification: CE
Package: 1pc/PE bag ,50PE bags/carton,60*45*42CM


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