• Isolation Stretcher,Isolation Chamber, Patient Isolation Stretcher, Emergency Stretcher

EA-13A Isolation Stretcher For Isolating Novel Coronavirus

The Isolation Stretcher is mainly used for the transport of respiratory infectious diseases patients, to prevent the spread of pathogens and reduce health care provider infection rates. It uses high-quality and durable non-toxic plastic, sealing zipper.The Chamber is a negative pressure isolation and transport chamber to prevent the leakage of the polluted cabin air.

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Hospital Negative Pressure Biological Isolation Chamber Stretcher is equipped with its own negative pressure filtration system to provide maximum protection and operation safety for both the contaminated person or item and the operation team.
Isolation chamber stretcher is made of high-quality, durable and pollution-free high-strength transparent material, and the cabin is sealed with a waterproof sealed zipper.
Isolation chamber stretcher is arched by the support rod, 2 oxygen infusion ports for infusion and oxygen infusion for patients; 10 operation ports are attached, and disposable gloves are put on the accessories to facilitate the care and maintenance of patients inside.
Isolation chamber stretcher can be used with a stretcher to facilitate the movement of patients.
During long-term storage, maintenance should be carried out every three months. Power on the test machine for 10 minutes, pay attention to observe the operating conditions, and repair in time if there is an abnormality.

Working principle:
Negative pressure isolation chamber stretcher for the transport of infectious patients is to implement safe isolation and transfer device for new, sudden and highly infectious patients during the transfer process to prevent further spread of pathogens, protect the external environment from pollution, and reduce the infection of healthy public probability.
The negative pressure isolation cabin for the transport of infectious patients is that the negative pressure generation system is used to establish and maintain the negative pressure environment in the closed cabin. The polluted air in the cabin cannot overflow without purification, thereby providing effective protection for medical personnel; Fresh air can be purified and replenished to the cabin in real-time, maintaining reasonable fresh air and oxygen concentrations in the cabin, which can provide a relatively comfortable environment for patients.

Isolation Stretcher,Isolation Chamber, Patient Isolation Stretcher, Emergency Stretcher

1.The chamber liner is made from a special TPU film and strengthened by inserting ABS poles along each side of the structure.
2. The cabin is made of high quality, durable, pollution-free and high-strength transparent material, and is sealed with a “all around” waterproof zipper which is easy to operate.
3.Arch supported by the support rod, 2 utility portals used for infusions and other medical equipment; Attached 10 operating mouth, put on gloves to facilitate the nursing and maintenance of patients inside.
4.The inner panel of the isolation chamber is equipped with belts to secure the patient and the outer belts to secure the chamber to a stretcher or bed. It can be used together with the stretcher to facilitate the movement of the patients.
5. Isolation chamber is a fully collapsible unit that requires minimal storage space and is ready for use within minutes.
6.The battery can be used continuously for about 10 hours when fully charged.
7.A negative pressure of no less than 15Pa was rapidly established within 2min.
8. Sound and light alarm shall be conducted in the isolation compartment when the internal negative pressure is insufficient or the electric quantity is too low.

Isolation Stretcher,Isolation Chamber, Patient Isolation Stretcher, Emergency Stretcher

Isolation Stretcher,Isolation Chamber, Patient Isolation Stretcher, Emergency Stretcher

1.Medical staff takes out the stretcher. Then they should open it, lay it flat and lock it.
2.After that, please place the isolation cabin on a stretcher, lock it with the safety belt that comes with the isolation cabin, adjust the tightness of the safety belt and fix the location of the isolation cabin.
3.First, open the zipper between the bilge and the cabin body of the negative pressure isolation cabin. After the cabin body is opened, please put the patient in, pull the zipper and close the cabin body.
4.Turn on the switch and check the reading on the display. If the negative pressure requirement is not met, please check that all the zippers are closed and the reading is less than 15Pa.
5.The medical staff can carry out simple operations in the cabin with disposable gloves.
6.After arriving at the destination, the medical staff should open the airtight cabin with protective clothing and remove the patient.

Isolation Stretcher,Isolation Chamber, Patient Isolation Stretcher, Emergency Stretcher

1. Used negative pressure isolation stretchers should be cleaned and disinfected in time.
2. The negative pressure isolation stretcher cannot be exposed to the sun and the wind and rain for a long time. It should be kept in a cool place. Keep the negative pressure isolation stretcher clean inside.
3. Pay attention to timely charging before standby and use. Please calculate the time after power off, don’t forget to charge it in time after use, in order to prepare the next use
4. Please operate carefully during disassembly and installation to avoid scraping and breaking of the negative pressure isolation compartment envelope.
5.Please do not unzip the entrance of the infected person when transporting the infected person, so as to avoid leakage of the source of the disease.

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Model EA-13A
Unfolded Size (L*W*H) 1900*680*500mm
HEPA Filter 3pcs, 99.99% efficiency for 0.3μm particles
Ventilation ≥ 50L/min
Chamber Noise ≤65dB(A)
Alarm Audio and visual alarm for internal pressure insufficient and low power
Negative Pressure ≥15 Pa in two minutes after power on
Standard Accessory The main chamber, 3pcs disposable HEPA filter, Negative generation system, 5   pairs PE gloves, Battery and charger, 8 long aluminum rods, 4 short aluminum rods,8 knurled bolts
Consumables HEPA filter (3pcs/set), PE gloves
Disinfection Disinfect the chamber with formalin and neutralize with ammonium hydrogen carbonate
Optional Folding stretcher; Stretcher trolley
Load-Bearing Up to 150kg
Power Supply DC12V power adapter. Battery charging for 12 hours and continuously using for 10 hours
Package Size (L*W*H) 870*680*740mm
N.W./G.W. 20kg/38kg


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