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EA-11B Hospital Equipment Emergency Applied Series Vacuum Splint Set

A vacuum splint is a device like a small vacuum mattress that is used in emergency medicine as a temporary splint. Vacuum splints are primarily used by paramedics to splint trauma-related injuries, joint dislocation, subluxation, and extremity fractures.

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EA-11B Applied Series Vacuum Splint Set Features:
1.Exported fluorescent material.
2.Adopt international Robust welding.
3.Does not affect the X-ray and MRI inspection.
4.After inflation can be used as buoyant pad /device.
5.The vacuum state in 0.3-0.5Mpa 24 hours under atmospheric pressurewithout leakage equipping with air pump and a portable package.

Model Packing Load Bearing N.W. G.W.
EA-11B 55x33x31cm 159kg 5kg 5.5kg

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