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  • vacuum splint,full body vacuum splint,vacuum splint kit,emergency splint kit,splint set
  • vacuum splint,full body vacuum splint,vacuum splint kit,emergency splint kit,splint set

EA-11B Emergency Full Body Vacuum Splint Kit Set

A vacuum splint is a device like a small vacuum mattress that is used in emergency medicine as a temporary splint. Vacuum splints are primarily used by paramedics to splint trauma-related injuries, joint dislocation, subluxation, and extremity fractures.

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EA-11B Emergency Full Body Vacuum Splint Kit Set Description:
Vacuum splints provide safe fixation, no circumferential pressure, eliminate the possibility of tissue, blood vessel and nerve damage and reduce pain, and are quick and easy to operate.An important feature of the SPLint set is that patients can be x-rayed through a vacuum splint. Full body vacuum splint is divided into body, limb trunk and cervical spine fixation, which can provide fixed support and protection for patients with fracture and bone injury in different positions, and effectively prevent secondary losses caused by improper on-site treatment and the process of sending to hospital. Emergency Splint Kit is made of high quality nylon insulation and flame retardant material, lined with high strength particles and equipped with a dedicated pump; Initial is soft, when using using vacuum forming principle (0.3 0.5 Mpa in 24 hours without leakage) atmospheric pressure condition, use positive pressure air pump to make plywood in the vacuum state, shape automatically according to the outline of the wound at the same time, the bone fracture of the injured to the different position with fixed support protection, such as shell, wrap the wound fixed. Vacuum splint Kit uses the principle of vacuum forming to pump the air out of the splint so that the vacuum splint can quickly form a hard fixed form.
EA-11B Emergency Full Body Vacuum Splint Kit Set Features:
1. It consists of seven parts that can be used to fasten the head, neck, body, arms, legs and joints. Including body splint, leg splint, short arm splint, thigh splint, long arm splint, bending splint, air pump.
2. The outer material is made of high quality nylon insulating flame retardant material and lined with high strength particles to effectively prevent heat loss of the injured. The nylon material is very easy to clean and maintain, fire resistant, strong surface toughness, not easy to be damaged.
3. Patients can get comfortable support and fixation, the material is comfortable soft skin, excellent insulation performance to keep the body warm. It has very good analgesic effect. Inflatable splints can be used either to stabilize or to stop bleeding. To prevent progressive infection and edema, reduce the chance of infection.
4. Simple operation, strong protection, X-ray penetration, does not affect MRI examination. It can be washed and used repeatedly all year round. Thin, flexible, easy to use and very stable, the patient is comfortable and stable during the scan, resulting in the best first image.
5. The use of fast and convenient, non-professionals can also operate, the use of air pumping pump in 25S to make the vacuum splint plastic, air pumping can maintain the vacuum for more than 48 hours, vacuum without leakage worry.
6. Avoid secondary injuries caused by improper on-site treatment and aggravated injury caused by moving the fracture site in the process of transferring the injured.
7. This product is especially suitable for emergency scene, group bone injury fracture, is the first aid institutions, rescue institutions, the army, earthquake rescue, fire relief, industrial and mining enterprises, maritime rescue, sports teams, transportation and construction industry necessary first aid equipment, inflatable can be used as water floating pad/buoyancy device.
8. Wear a storage bag that folds into your bag. Small size, light weight, durable, easy to carry.
9. Equipped with special air pump, vacuum forming more labor-saving.
10. Customers can choose the color
Method of use
1) Select the appropriate splint according to the injury site.
2) First pinch the prominent buttons on both sides of the air nozzle, and then pump air with the air cylinder. Under normal circumstances, the volume is moderate.
3) After pumping, loosen the protruding buttons on both sides of the air nozzle and pull out the pump connector.
4) Wrap the inflatable splint directly on the outside of the single or flannelette (if there is a wound, it should be wrapped first), adjust and fix the Velcro.

Model Packing Load Bearing N.W. G.W.
EA-11B 55x33x31cm 159kg 5kg 5.5kg

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