• Full Body Portable, Vacuum Mattress Stretcher, Emergency Stretcher

EA-11A02 Full Body Portable Transfer Vacuum Mattress Stretcher For Rescue

A?vacuum mattress, or vacmat, is a medical device used for the immobilisation of patients, especially in case of a vertebra, pelvis or limb trauma (especially for femur trauma). It is also used for manual transportation of patients for short distances (it replaces the stretcher).

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EA-11A02 Vacuum Mattress Stretcher Features:
1.It is made of high quality resistant seamless welding TPU material with small foamparticles inside.
2.You can rapidly and safely adjust the mattress to be soft or hard by pump out theinside air to fit the patient body.It with head fixation vacuum pad.
3.X-ray translucent.
4.Head section/middle part/ foot section width: 40cm/88cm/60cm

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Model Unfolded Size Folded Size Packing Load Bearing
EA-11A02 200x105x6cm 90x57x26cm 105x58x28cm 160kg

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