DS-1 Medical Multi-function General ENT Diagnostic Wall Mount System

Comprehensive physical assessment and vital signs documentation in one convenient system. The Integrated Wall System provides everything vital for improved patient safety, speeding patient flow and saving valuable time and space.

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DS-1 Diagnostic Wall Mount System Features:
1.Compact structure and beautiful shape.
2.Can provide you with a random,?convenient combination.
3.The wall-mounted medical examination system puts all the essential diagnostic tools easily within reach.
4.For one exam room or for an entire facility, The wall-mounted medical examination system is configurable to include your choice of ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, thermometry, blood pressure, and even vital signs devices.
5.It is suitable for outpatient service of general hospital, township hospital, community health service center and outpatient service.
1.Wall-mounted integration, including ophthalmoscope, otoscope, nose detector, tongue pressure device (optional),?electronic thermometer (forehead ear type), blood pressure gauge, storage box, wall hanging board and other parts.
2.Finger clip type pulse oximeter and blood glucose meter are also optional. The handle of each part is universal, and the key electronic dimmer.
3.AC100~240V, 47~63Hz AC power supply is used.
Six kinds of spots are available: small spot, medium spot, large spot, mesh patch, slit patch, cobalt blue patch.
Application: polarization filter, no red – green filter
Diopter range: 0?1?2?3?4?5?6?8?10?15?20?25 +40D
The axial-point optical system eliminates pupil dilation and darkroom and provides a 25? viewing Angle
Gauge ear: 2.5/3/4/5mm
Magnifying power: 3
Optional accessories:
Blood glucose meter, finger clip type pulse oximeter

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