• double dome light,medical light,shadowless surgical lamp,led ot light,ot light led surgical
  • double dome light,medical light,shadowless surgical lamp,led ot light,ot light led surgical
  • double dome light,medical light,shadowless surgical lamp,led ot light,ot light led surgical

AKL-700D/500D/500D(L) Medical Double Dome Light LED OT Light Shadowless Surgical Lamp 

The double dome is specifically used in a large modular operating room. According to the high requirements of the market, we have designed double-round tops with ultra-high brightness, brightness, high color purity and radiated radiation. This new model is fully designed for large modular operating rooms. It has high quality surgical lamps.
The latest modern technology, extremely effective, excellent laminar, no shadow, long-lasting surgical lamp.
Effective and excellent technology with high strength and modern technology.

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Medical Double Dome Light LED OT Light Shadowless Surgical Lamp Description:

In the surgical field, because double dome light provides highlight intensity of the entire area, it allows appropriate visibility. This combines with the medical light stabilized arm suspension system to provide height and angle adjustments. Shots in shadowless surgical lamp avoid damages due to disinfection, easy to clean. In addition, this equipment is fully integrated with simple mechanical focus handles, and can be removed and fixed as required. Simple We are in line with ergonomic sterile operations, allowing the operation team to simply and flexibly control all functions. LED ot light is durable and almost unlimited LED expected life provides huge product reliability and investment protection. OT light led surgical efficiency: Low-power and durable LEDs can minimize the impact on our valuable resources.

Medical Double Dome Light LED OT Light Shadowless Surgical Lamp Features:

Three lighting modes

1. Three modes can be used for lighting requirements in various surgical scenarios: standard mode, endoscopic mode and low-light mode

Uniformly adjustable light spot technology

1. Multi-layer spot overlapping technology, central focusing device, clear operation field

Excellent light component design

1. The lamp holder adopts 80/48 LED lamp beads, which are divided into multiple light source groups

2. Each group of light source is controlled by CPU separately, and the failure of any group does not affect its overall use

3. Excellent concentrating technology (lens focusing Angle is appropriate), greatly improving the light efficiency

4. The internal light source module uses ABS engineering plastic skeleton + aluminum substrate structure, good heat dissipation effect, lighter weight

Easy to use color and brightness adjustment

1. Color rendering index ≥92, restore true color

2. With PWM non-pole dimming to meet the brightness requirements of different operations

3. Reasonable collocation and distribution of high and low color temperature lamp beads to achieve adjustable color temperature of 4000-5000K

double dome light,medical light,shadowless surgical lamp,led ot light,ot light led surgical

Simple control, flexible and practical

1. Soft and slow light, suitable for eye protection

2. 1.77 inch knob controller, easy to operate and easy to use

3. Multiple models of controllers are available for selection, bringing you more choices

Novel structure design, convenient operation

1. Shadowless lamp balance system adopts square arm, lamp head can be vertically pulled down, convenient rotation, free adjustment

2. 8-angle connecting focusing component, built-in buckle 360° removable design, flexible and can do high temperature and high pressure disinfection 134℃

Double lamp cap mutual control technology (optional)

1. The controllers of two lamp caps can control each other’s color temperature, cavity mirror, camera and so on

HD camera system (optional)

1. Shadowless lamp can be equipped with central or external camera system

2. Adopt high frequency pulse width dimming technology to perfectly solve the stroboscopic problem of the camera system

3. Remote consultation, large screen conference, remote teaching, etc., can be realized through the Internet, and real-time recording of surgery can also be made

Gesture sensing (optional)

1. Through the sensor to detect gestures, can achieve non-contact brightness adjustment, convenient and fast

Shading compensation (optional)

1. Humanized intelligent shading compensation technology

2. When the doctor’s head blocks part of the light source, the brightness of the light source in other areas will increase automatically to ensure the brightness of the surgical field

Handheld Wireless Remote control (optional)

1. Adopt LoRa modulation technology, encrypt wireless transmission, safe and reliable

2. Transmission distance is not less than 20 meters, shadowless lamp remote control can be realized

Apply to

■ Abdominal/General surgery

■ Gynaecology

■ Cardiac/vascular/thoracic surgery

■ Neurosurgery

■ Orthopaedic

■ Trauma department/emergency department OR

■ Urology/TURP

■ Otolaryngology/Ophthalmology

■ Endoscopic angiography


specifications AKL-700D AKL-500D
voltage AC100-240v  50Hz/ 60Hz
Intensity of illumination 40000-160000LX (adjustable) 40000-120000LX (adjustable)
Color temperature 4000-5000K (adjustable)
Lamp power 70VA 65VA
Spot diameter 120-260mm (adjustable) 120-280mm (adjustable)
Color rendering index ≥85
The depth of the lighting ≥600mm ≥800mm
Brightness level dimming 1%-100%
Lamp bead life ≥50000h
Number of LED beads 80 48
LED lamp bead brand German osram
Maximum power of LED beads Bulb rated power 3W Bulb actual power ≤1W
Lighting mode 1. Standard lighting;2. low light lighting 3. cavity mirror lighting
installation 1. Hanging;2. wall hanging;3. vertical
Optional function 1. Gesture dimming, achieve non-contact brightness adjustment operation
2. Wireless remote control, LoRa modulation technology, wireless encryption to achieve long-distance transmission
3. Wall control system, the third set of control system, installed in the operating room centralized control panel
4. Camera system (middle/external), full HD, with video function, for remote consultation, teaching, etc

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