What are the advantages of a double compressor mortuary freezer?


Double compressor mortuary freezer has several advantages over single compressor freezer, which make them more efficient, safe and reliable in cadaver preservation.


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The following are the main advantages of double compressor mortuary freezer:


1. Higher reliability


Fault tolerant design: The double compressor system provides fault tolerance, even if one compressor fails, the other compressor can continue to work, ensuring that the temperature in the freezer remains within the set range, to avoid the body due to temperature increase and corruption.


Continuous operation: In the case of long continuous operation, the two compressors can work alternately, reducing the load and wear of a single compressor, and extending the service life of the equipment.


2. Higher cooling efficiency


Fast cooling: Dual compressors can work at the same time, providing stronger cooling capacity, which can reach the required low temperature environment more quickly, especially when the refrigerator door needs to be opened and closed frequently, the dual compressor can restore the temperature faster.


Uniform temperature distribution: The dual compressor system distributes cold air more evenly, ensuring a consistent temperature inside the freezer and preventing temperature fluctuations from affecting the preservation quality of the body.


3. Save energy


Intelligent switching: Under low load conditions, you can intelligently switch to a single compressor operation to reduce energy consumption.


Optimize energy consumption: The dual compressor can flexibly adjust the working state according to the actual demand, optimize energy consumption management, and save energy compared with the single compressor under high load.


4. Enhanced security


Double insurance: Double compressors provide double insurance, even if one compressor fails, it will not affect the overall cooling effect of the freezer, improving the safety and reliability of the equipment.


Fault alarm: Usually equipped with a fault alarm system, when a compressor has a problem, it will send an alarm in time to remind maintenance personnel to overhaul, to avoid temperature abnormalities caused by compressor failure.


5. Operate flexibly


Multi-mode selection: Different working modes can be selected according to different storage requirements, such as rapid cooling mode and energy-saving mode, providing more flexible operation options.


Easy maintenance: The modular design of the dual compressor system makes maintenance and overhaul more convenient, even if the compressor needs to be replaced, it can be carried out quickly without affecting the normal use of the freezer.


6. Improve the preservation quality of corpses


Constant low temperature: Dual compressors can better maintain a constant low temperature environment, reduce temperature fluctuations, ensure that the body is preserved in the best conditions, maintain the integrity of the body and the accuracy of the research or identification results.


Avoid cross-contamination: Temperature stability and uniformity help to avoid cross-contamination between different bodies, ensuring that each body is stored in an independent, low-temperature environment.


The double compressor body freezer has become the preferred choice in modern body preservation equipment by providing higher reliability, more efficient cooling capacity, more energy efficient operation and more flexible operation, providing a solid guarantee for the long-term preservation of the body.


Mortuary Freezer, double compressor mortuary freezer, body freezer Mortuary Freezer, double compressor mortuary freezer, body freezer
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