• GA403C Disposable Biodegradable Black Corpse Body Bags Crime Scene
  • GA403C Disposable Biodegradable Black Corpse Body Bags Crime Scene

GA403C Disposable Biodegradable Black Corpse Body Bags Crime Scene

Suitable for safe and environmentally friendly recovery and transport of infectious human remains directly to cremation. Suitable for use in Ebola and other infectious disease scenarios.
Packed with shroud to wrap deceased remains prior to transfer to the pouch.

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Disposable Biodegradable Black Corpse Body Bags Crime Scene Description:

Corpse body bag is made of PVC fabric. It is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and can be burned directly. Black Body bag is %100 waterproof and odor proof. Therefore, the health of the person carrying the body bag is guaranteed. The Biodegradable body bag is stitched with a size 8 zipper to easily open and close the bag and also has a strong handle to hold the bag when moving it. 10 people can easily carry a body bag due to its light weight and handle. Its J-zipper construction is easy to use. The edges of the body bag Crime Scene use are seamless and one-piece, not reusable for your health.

Disposable Biodegradable Black Corpse Body Bags Crime Scene Features:

1. Use 10 webbed handles on the body bag, fixed by heavy rivets, increasing the weight, the maximum loading capacity ≥300kg.
2. 0.5mm thick PVC material with intermediate layer to prevent liquid leakage.
3. Internal lining with 0.1mm leakage proof provides you extra protection in extreme cases. You will get 100% leakproof and waterproof condition inside our bag.
4. Unique J-shaped zipper that can clearly reveal the victim’s identity just by pulling it open.
5.#8 Double zipper head is more convenient to open or seal, slow down the time of body bag exposure and decay;
6. Disposable. Not for reuse.
7. All joints are 100% RF thermal sealed to eliminate any possible leaks. Designed for today’s “high risk” biohazard exposures (compliance with OSHA Reg. 3130 – General Precautions)
8. A transparent label bag is set above the front of the bag to place the label card, which is convenient for registration and transportation, so that the dead can get peace and dignity.
9. These bags can be used in morgues for the storage of bodies, for funeral purposes, or by official bodies such as the police, army, emergency services, etc.


(1) Can customize any size, material, thickness, heat sealing. Any number of built-in or external handles. Different types of zipper design, zipper material and so on
(2) Body bag ID bag, which includes toe tag, external ID tag, personal item ID tag.And ID holder of the deceased identity can also be provided upon request.
(3) Body Bag With Window
(4) Absorbent pads

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Product model GA403C
Colors White,  Black,Green,Blue(Blue color to enhance post mortem forensic photography study without removing remains from the bag (Also available in black or white upon request)
Size 230×92cm
Thickness 0.5mm
Zipper J Type Zipper
Handles 10 Handles
Maximum loading capacity ≥300kg

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