What is the difference between surgical pendant, anesthesia pendant and endoscopy pendant?


Medical pendant is an indispensable air supply medical instrument in modern operating room of hospital. It is mainly used for terminal delivery of oxygen, suction, compressed air, nitrogen and other medical gases in operating room. It can be used in recovery room, ICU ward, emergency room and emergency room.

Suspension bridge equipment is aimed at various medical gas equipment in the medical process, negative pressure suction equipment, image communication equipment and other medical facilities in the surgical process, providing the required medical gas, weak current, strong current, network, audio and video signals and other needs. It is a solution to improve the efficiency of equipment and space management in medical places.

Surgical pendant, anesthesia pendant, endoscopy pendant

The medical pendant is also divided into surgical pendant, anesthesia pendant, endoscopy pendant, can be selected according to different needs.

The difference between the surgical pendant, anesthesia pendant, endoscopy pendant.


1. The difference between the three is medical gas.


All three have air, oxygen, and negative pressure gas.

Anaesthesia pendant adds anaesthesia waste gas AGSS, nitrogen N2 or nitrous oxide N2O on the basis of surgical pendant

The endoscopy pendant adds carbon dioxide to the base of the surgical pendant


2. Installation position of operating room


The surgical pendant is usually installed on the foot of the operating bed, the endoscopy pendant is installed on the abdomen, and the anesthesia pendant is installed on the head of the patient.


The carrier is suspended from the ceiling by one or two rotating arms, allowing the required services to be brought directly to the work area. This allows for maximum configuration of the operating room and provides staff with unimpeded access around the room without risk of harming themselves or others.

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