• Automated External Defibrillator, Medical Defibrillator, Defibrillator Analyzer Machine

Defi7 Medical Automated External Defibrillator Analyzer Machine

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Automated External Defibrillator, Medical Defibrillator, Defibrillator Analyzer Machine

Defi7 is a compact, durable, light weighted defibrillator Asynchronous outer defibrillation, Audible and visible reminders comes with sine wave: monophasic and options for Biphasic technology

Energy: 0, 3, 5, 7, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300, 360 Joule and Charging time: at 360J less than 7s; at 100J less than 2s

Paddle: reusable external adult paddles (children paddles integrated) Discharge by pressing buttons on paddles together

Power supply: mains (AC) and/or battery

Battery: charge 3.5h to full

Full charge to 35 shocks (360J)

Technical specifications

Defibrillator .

(1) Defibrillator type     Manual, Synchronized, A synchronized,

(2) Output waveform     Monophonic technology /Biphasic technology (optional)

(3) Energy accuracy      ∠+1%

(4) Energy selection    0,3,5,7,10,20,30,50,100,200,300,360 joule(nominal at a resistance of 50)

(5) Charging time      Maximum 8 seconds to 360 Joules

(6) Standard Adult/Pediatric Paddles    Reusable external adult paddles (pediatric paddles integrated)

Power requirements

(a) AC Power supply     110V, 60 Hz /220V, 50 Hz

(b) Vehicle Voltage      DC 12V

Internal Battery Backup

(1) Battery type      Rechargeable lead-acid battery/ lithium battery (optional)

(2) Charging time     Time-Minimum of 4 hours for full charging

(3) Battery charging   During AC Power Supply operation of the device.

(4) Charging /Low Battery Indication       Red LED

(5) Battery Capacity   100% of the battery will provide 120 min of monitoring; and 30 discharges at 360 joules.


Display: LED Dimensions  7’diagonal {155mm*88mm}

Type: High resolution true-color graphic LED

(1)  CLEAR BUTTON Clear the energy selection and discharge the energy by inside circuit.

(2)  CHARGE To indicate charging process for the defibrillator battery. The lamp went out if full capacity.

(3)  BATTERY INDICATOR To show the DC work of inner battery.


(5)  ENERGY SELECTOR To select the energy of the heart defibrillating treatment.

Optional parameter


Dimensions: L320xW205xH410

Weight: 9.8kg

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