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Defi 5T Portable AED Automated External Defibrillator Trainer

The DEFI 5T Trainer is a training tool for preparing emergency responders to use the AED defibrillator to treat a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. The Trainer provides realistic simulation of the defibrillator without actually charging or discharging electrical energy. Voice prompts, simulated energy delivery, pauses for CPR, Training Pads, and the functional system status indicator all accurately mimic the operation of the defibrillator and provide a realistic demonstration.

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Defi 5T External Defibrillator Trainer Features:
Nine different scenarios are available.
Multiple language selections are available.
Handhold Infra-red remote control allows instructors to change training sessions.
Special Features:
Voice prompts identical to those in the defibrillator.
LED prompts identical to those in the defibrillator.
Remote control for instructor to use.

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