DA-400 Physical Treatment Rehabilitation Therapy Physiotherapy Traction Bed

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Physiotherapy Traction Bed, Treatment Rehabilitation, Physical Bed

Technical Feature:

1.It has the compressed hydraulic pressure system, applying PLC, rotary codes, sensor tech to check the traction, angular and rotary angle strictly, the whole process is controlled by computer.

2.With Integrated hydraulic pressure as the motive source.

3.Under the quick traction condition, the three-dimensional stereo space instantaneously fulfills to the lumbar inter-vertebral disc in a multi-angle way certain combined actions and dynamics which can not be done by the doctors by using their techniques and skills. Under the slow retraction condition, it can carry out the continuous, intermittent, reciprocating, pulse retractions to the forward-bending waist or the straightening back in order to reach the curing purpose.

4.Three-dimensional traction: longitudinal traction, rotating traction, angle traction. Three-dimensional traction can be used individually, combinationally.

5.Rotation angle is controlled by? coder, rotation angle value can be set at random.

6.Automatic compensation of the traction force, when the actual traction force is no more than 10% of the setting value, the traction force will compensate to the setting value.

7.Eight traction modes for choosing.

8.Lumbar vertebra illness: lumbar disc projection, denaturation confusion, strain, dislocation & in-complete paraplegia & hemiplegia complicated symptoms.
cervical vertebra illness: traumatic neck fracture, dislocation, dizziness, headache, unusual pressure, eyesight & language obstacle. (According to the disease status, it could take resupine or prostrate traction.)
(According to the disease status, it could take resupine or prostrate traction.)9. Multiple security designs: Patient Emergency Retreat Switch.

9.The bed is of the reasonable design, fine security and reliability, high precision, simple operation.

10.It has the Chinese and English down-pull managing menus (medical record management, case history deletion, medical record printing, storage). It offers great convenience for the clinical record and medical research.

Quick Technical Parameters:
Power source:220V/50Hz
Quick traction distance:0-70mm
Rotation angle:-25?– 25?
Forming angle:-25?–10?
Delay period:0-1s
Holding period:0-10s
Traction force:?3000N
Slow traction parameters:
Slow traction distance:0-200mm
Rotation angle:-25?– 25?
Forming angle:-25?– 10?
Total traction period:0 — 60min(random adjustment)
Intermittent traction time:0 – 9min(random adjustment)
Intermittent period:0 -90s(random adjustment)
Traction force:0~99Kg
Sizes main machine: 220?50?83cm
Auxiliary machine: 56?105?110cm
Package(1pc/wooden case):2260*650*950mm,N.W.:270kg,G.W.:300kg

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