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CR-F5SW Medical 5L Oxygen Concentrator

The machine is a SmartTouch multifunctional oxygen concentrator. It has been specially developed to provide a dependable, convenient source of supplemental oxygen for therapeutic needs. Suitable for both children and adults, it offers concentration up to 96% and flow rates reaching 5 LPM.

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Detailed description
This oxygen concentrator provides a maximum continuous flow of 5 liters per minute with an oxygen purity of at least 90% and at most 96%. This makes the oxygen concentrator suitable for people who suffer from COPD, cardiovascular diseases and other lung diseases for which extra oxygen is desirable and for which a maximum of 5 liters per minute of oxygen is required. The use of the oxygen concentrator can improve your self-effort and fatigue, which can contribute to a better quality of life. The “normal” air you breathe contains approximately 21% oxygen. This percentage can be increased by using an oxygen concentrator, so that you get more oxygen. This oxygen concentrator has the capacity to produce up to 93% oxygen purity. The supply of oxygen is continuously adjustable. This means that you can use the maximum capacity, but not have to use it, you can easily set this to your own needs.
Where many oxygen concentrators advertise with a maximum oxygen percentage, it is important to also look at the minimum oxygen percentage. The oxygen percentage decreases as you consume more liters. Where many oxygen concentrators drop to only 30% oxygen purity when using the maximum number of liters, this is not the case with this oxygen concentrator. Due to the minimum oxygen concentration of 90% based on maximum consumption in liters, this oxygen concentrator is suitable for intensive oxygen therapies.
In addition, the oxygen concentrator is intuitive and easy to operate. This oxygen concentrator is also easy to move because of the handles and wheels that are attached to the oxygen concentrator.
CR-F5SW Oxygen Concentrator Features:
Intelligent alarms, safer to use
Streamlined and home based design, Oxygen uptake is more comfortable
Real-time display of oxygen concentration
Efficient and lasting oxygen production from imported molecular sieves
Real-time dynamic monitoring of flow
One-machine dual-use new upgrade of oxygen-intaking and nebulizing
Touch button operation, simple and fast

Oxygen flow rate: 0.5-5L/min Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz Dimensions: 36x25x63cm
Oxygen concentration:≥93%±3% Power: ≤450VA Package Size: 44x34x71cm
Noise: 48dB(A)* Net weight: 17.5kg Color: White

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