Common function of medical suction pump


Many factors work against medical professionals when performing surgery. The body is filled with fluids that can reduce the surgeon’s visibility or create potentially dangerous situations for patients. This is where the medical pump becomes necessary.

Medical suction pumps are used to remove surgical fluid, tissue (including bone), gas and body fluids during and after surgery and are designed to help prevent and simplify breathing. The suction unit includes a bacterial filter, suction tube kit and collection tank. High quality vacuum technology has been designed to provide reliable suction enhancement and ease of operation, both of which are important aspects of daily use in hospitals. Today, suction units have been transformed into lightweight and robust designs, technologically advanced machines.

Today’s technology not only provides an efficient power source, but also makes medical suction machines lighter, more durable and safer. The rugged, weather-resistant exterior protects high-tech electronics that create a vacuum, while single-use premium plastics prevent pathogens and make cleaning a breeze.

High-quality suction units are portable, efficient and effective. Some include adjustable vacuum pressure, which allows you to reduce pressure while working and protect their fragile tissues. An array of catheters, each designed for a specific purpose, allows rescuers to evacuate any airway regardless of fluid.

Functions of suction pump:

Medical suction pumps have great functions and are known to be superior to their predecessors. Medical suction pumps were used for all surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Without them, treatment may not be possible and may even have dire consequences for patients. These features are:

• Flush the sides to suck out and flush excess water

• Drain blood from the surgical site to give the surgeon a better view

• Remove debris from the wound and drain pus from the abscess

• Suck out mucus or other body parts that may be blocking the airway

• Blood is removed from the skull after intracranial and epidural bleeding

• In gynecological procedures, it allows better vision to drain excess fluid

• Used in dentistry to drain blood and rinse fluids

• Draining fluid from the lungs in patients with kidney problems or other major medical conditions

• Excessive edematous fluid is drained from the peritoneal cavity of the patient with ascites

• As a continuous intubation, drainage is provided from the surgical site where fluid or pus may accumulate

• Effective suction of foreign matter from ear, nose or other areas

medical suction,suction pump,portable aspirator,function of suction pump,suction unitThese are the functions of suction pumps that make them important equipment in medical Settings. Therefore, it is vital to choose the right equipment to get better and successful work. You will also pay attention to the specifications of each machine to ensure that it really meets your requirements.If you need, please know about our YX932D portable aspirator.

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