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  • Telemedicine Cart, Telemedicine Trolley, Telehealth Mobile Carts, Telehealth Medical Carts

China Dual Display Telemedicine Cart For Diagnosis Coronavirus

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BWT-006 Dual Display Telemedicine cart with HD camera help diagnose s effectively
*Equipped with HD360 degree wide-angle camera
*make full use of expert resources from other hospitals
*Reduce direct contact between doctors and patients
The telemedicine integrated consultation car is an intelligent cart used in the inpatient department, the doctor’s meeting room, ICU / CUU, and other places. The car is equipped with a high-performance computer, HD camera, sustainable power supply system and other equipment, which can be used for doctors to write medical records, carry out remote consultation, remote monitoring, operation teaching, and other work. Through the way of wireless access, it can interact and share data with his system and electronic medical record system of the hospital, which is convenient for remote guidance and consultation communication between experts and doctors. The application of telemedicine integrated consultation car improves the professional level of basic hospitals, solves the problem of imbalance of medical resources, and relieves the patients of specialization in time
1.The height adjustment range for LCD and work surface: 400±20mm
2. Total height is 1534mm-1934mm, Lifting load≦17kg
3. Applied for display dimension≦21” LCD, Proposal evaluation load≦12kg
4.Equipped with HD 360-degree wide-angle camera with remote controller
5.Worksurface height: 890-1290mm
6.ABS worksurface dimensions: 533mm(L) x 455mm(W)
7.Keyboard tray dimensions: 440mm(L) x 256mm(W)
8.Mouse tray dimension: 208mm(L) x 200mm(W)
9.Silent medical casters
10. Back storage bin with handle, handle height: 680mm-1080mm

Built-in computer host specification(for reference):

Name model qty
CPU I5 7400 1
MotherboardJijia B250M-D3V 1
Internal storage 8G/2400 1
Video card GT1030LP 2G 1
Rigid disk ST1000G 1
Power 400W 1
Display 21.5inch, Philips 227E


Keyboard, and mouse Logitech brand wireless keyboard and mouse 1set
Camera Vihaed VHD-V60U 1
Microphone omnidirectional microphone 1
Wireless network card Drive-free version

double frequency



Lithium iron phosphate battery pack:38.5ah

1600 times of charging and discharging

4-5 hours of continuous charging and the continuous full-load working time can be more than 6 hours after the battery is full; intelligent battery, Equipped with electricity display

with low electric quantity alarm, low electric quantity shutdown

Over-temperature alarm automatic shutdown function

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