CB-III(2012) Chinese Medicine Fumigation Physiotherapy Equipment

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CB-III(2012)?Model Automatic?Traditional Chinese physiotherapy equipment steaming machine?has improved from the previous one. The body material is imported food grade glass fiber reinforced plastics with good performance, can be separated into parts for maintains. It is full body designed for saving places and easy to operate. The steaming outer cover can reduce the medicine steam leaking. 3 part separated temperature control to keep constant temperature, can be used singly or combined, for the nick, shoulder, waist, buttocks and low limbs.

physiotherapy equipment Technical features:

1.3 part separated temperature control, can set different temperature according to the user.

2. Adopt outer stick heating technology, much safer compared with traditional immersion heating type, mating with thermal-protective coating to keep heated steam leaking and easy for maintaining.

3. Multi type dry burning protection technology: Electric controls no water, no heating system; outer stick type dry burning heater, it will not damage when dry burning; peripheral temperature control pipe to prevent dry burning, shut off the electricity when the temperature reach the preset one. Ensure product safety and durable.

4. Integration ventilate technology

5. Free per-heating design, can control the per-heating time according to the medicine, season and environments

6. Independent atomization design can control the atomization accordingly

7. Ozone sterilization to avoid cross-infection.

8. Infrared remote control sound system, can make patient comfortable when cureing

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