• Treatment Machine, Fumigation Treatment, Traditional Chinese Medicine Machine

CB-I Medical Traditional Chinese Medicine Fumigation Treatment Machine

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Treatment Machine, Fumigation Treatment, Traditional Chinese Medicine Machine

This?Traditional Chinese medicine fumigation machine is seat type with features of?sauna, steam bath, the spectrum therapy, aromatic drugs steam bath, ozonecleaning and disinfection. Chinese medicineboiled machine withsteamingcapacity,??apackageofChinese herbal medicinepowdercan beused continuously for15 times.

Fumigation Machine Technical Features:

Microcomputer control: LCD digital display, time / temperature stressed that environmental protection and disinfection, the FM / CD / VCD or external, automatic cleaning, foot, back, chest or full body massage. Automatic water supply and drainage, water scarcity and over-temperature protection automatically.
Outcrops design: patient head is outside the chamber, the patient feel comfortable.
Safety: electro control panel and plug double protection. Low use cost: one time

about 1KWh, water 1-2kg, low cost

Seat height adjustable

Fumigation Machine Technical Dates:

Supply:220V/50Hz Input power:1800W

Steaming temperature: 30?C~60?C?Steaming time: 10~60minadjustable

Size parameters:Body size:1530?770?1350mm

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