How to carry an injured person with fold stretcher in emergency situations?


If the injury is more serious, in addition to spinal fracture and massive bleeding or shock and other aspects of the situation, can not be carried by hand, must go to the stretcher to carry.

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How does a stretcher carry an injured person?


Special medical stretchers are needed to carry injured people. Local materials such as boards, clothes, blankets, and sticks can also be used to bind them into a simple stretcher.

After the prepared stretcher is placed flat on the floor, two professional ambulance personnel stand on the side of the injured person, one to hold the injured person’s neck and back, the other to hold the injured person’s hip and thigh, and smoothly lift the injured person onto the stretcher.

fold stretcher,spinal fracture,spinal stretcher

How to transport injured people with spinal fractures?


Check the patient for spinal injuries. Can not be casually carried out to move or turn over the injured people, also can not be carried by hand, must use spinal stretchers to carry the injured people.

First, lift the injured person smoothly onto the stretcher, put the injured person on his back, and use clothing or cotton pads around the waist to cushion the injured person. Then use three or four bandages or cloth straps, to fix the injured person to the spinal stretcher, to avoid rolling or falling in the process of handling, resulting in spinal displacement live torsion, avoid puncturing blood vessels and nerves, if that, will lead to lower limb paralysis.


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