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BXD200 Medical Adjustable Blood Chair Electric Blood Donation Dialysis Chair

Blood donor chairs are designed to provide a higher level of adjustability and comfort for patients during phlebotomy procedures or longer treatments. Able to accommodate patients in a range of body sizes, donor chairs offer support for the entire body and easily transition between positions.

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BXD200 Blood Donation Dialysis Chair Features:
1.Electric chairs blood structure: three type (back, sitting board, leg plates, pedal board) integrated electric chairs blood, the Japanese design elements;
2.Driving part: three motors to control back lift, leg lift, lift pedal board.
3.Chair surface: high-quality medical-grade PU leather, color by your choice
4.Pillows and lumbar support: flexible foam pillow cushion, lumbar pad can support the head and waist position
5.Armrest with double-linked structure, in order to avoid placing the arm swings, height adjustable;
6.Electric chairs blood Material: chair frame made of high quality steel, surface coated with a special process for handling electrostatic baking temperature of 250 degrees and a layer of poly paint made; back section cover made of ABS,beautiful and easy to clean.
7.With multi-video frame

Chair Specifications: Chair dimensions: 1900mm*580mm
Height: 550mm
Trendelenburge/reverse trendelenburg:8°~ 15°
Back section lift: -10°~ +70°
Leg section turn: -90°~ +30°
Foot pedal: 150mm
Arm board swing out angle: 0°-45°
Arm board slide:100mm
Arm board dimension: 480mm*160mm
Table top size: 400*280mm
Power supply: AC200V/50HZ Working voltage: 24V (electric type)
Loading: more than 180kg
Package: 850*900*750mm, 1pc/ carton, gross weight: 63kgs
Standard Configuration: 1. Soft pad: 1 set
2. Arm board: 1 pair
3. table top and frame: each 1 pc
4. Water cup splint: 1pc
5. Handle controller: 1pc(electric type)
6. Power outlet: 1pc(electric type)
7. With multi-video frame
Optional accessories: 1. DVD multi-media system
2. HiFi earphone: 1pc
3. LCD TV: 1pc
4. Mobile DVD player: 1pc
5. LED reading lamp: 1pc

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