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BXD101 Hospital Medical Used Blood Collection Chair Adjustable Blood Chair

Blood donor chairs are designed to provide a higher level of adjustability and comfort for patients during phlebotomy procedures or longer treatments. Able to accommodate patients in a range of body sizes, donor chairs offer support for the entire body and easily transition between positions.

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BXD101 Medical Used Hospital Blood Collection Chair Features:
Two motors control seat tilting, up and down respectively, another motor let back and leg section move as a unit.
Head board and arm board are manual adjusted.
The chair can apply to various postures and has a DVD.
Chair dimensions: 1700mm (curve length)*560(width)
Height: 570(min)-830mm (max)
Back section lift: 0-80°
Leg section turn:0-90°
Arm board height adjustment: 100mm
Arm board slide:100mm
Arm board declining angle adjustment:-15°-10°
Arm board dimension: 450*160mm
Trend and Reverse trend:0-12°
Arm board concave radian:R108
Optional accessories: Multimedia system

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