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BXD100C Electric Blood Donation Chair With Three Motors

Blood donor chairs are designed to provide a higher level of adjustability and comfort for patients during phlebotomy procedures or longer treatments. Able to accommodate patients in a range of body sizes, donor chairs offer support for the entire body and easily transition between positions.

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BXD100C Electric Blood Donation Chair Function:
• Chair design
Designed according to ergonomic principles, it is comfortable and durable. You can’t be tired sitting for a long time.
• Multi-functional regulation
The back and legs can be adjusted up and down, and the Trendelenburg position with plus or minus 12 degrees can be realized.
• Humanized design
Intimate design and fresh color can relieve patients’ tension.
• Convenient operation
Electric CPR function, one button to put flat back
BXD100C Electric Blood Donation Chair Material:
Chair frame: smooth and durable appearance; without obvious deformation, bending and cracking
Cushion: with high quality elastic sponge, not easy to deformation
Casters: 4 “silent casters; flexible drive; all casters are equipped with brakes; with high safety factor
The standard configuration:
3 motors (backboard/leg board/main lift)
Four universal casters
Head gasket
Manual operator
Back CPR: The control wrench is installed on the left side of the back panel
Infusion stand: Optionally installed on the left and right sides of the sitting plate
Flat frame: adjustable rotating shaft, clamping frame, lifting shaft
Cloth cover: one-piece sewing, fixed back strap

Model N.W. G.W. Package(L*W*H)
BXD100C 86KG 100KG 1300×780×1430mm


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