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BWT-005A2 Operation Room Teaching Cart Workstation Cart

A general purpose transport/storage cart for use in the operating room, trauma, emergency or minor procedure area. Ideal for supplies, instruments, and/or diagnostic equipment transport and storage. Easily manoeuvrable with high load rating swivel casters mounted on heavy-duty chassis base.

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BWT-005A2 Operation Room Teaching Cart Features:
1. Cabinet and multilayer design, conveniently placed operation room teaching system equipment
2.Cart dimensions: 533mm(L) x 697mm(W) x 2347(H)
3.Worksurface height: 158mm?Worksurface dimensions: 533mm(L) x 454mm(W)
4.Layers and layer height adjustable. Proposal load?15kg/Layer
5.Universal direction long rocker arm for Camera equipment, Proposal load 3~5Kg
6. Long arm length range of 90mm-1650mm
7.Built in power line, equipped with a 6 sets socket, safety and facilitate each layer equipment power supply
8.Silent medical casters

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