• MRI Wheelchair, Non-Magnet Wheelchair, Electric MRI Wheelchair

BWHM-07MRI Hospital Non-Magnet Electric MRI Wheelchair Used MRI Room

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MRI Wheelchair, Non-Magnet Wheelchair, Electric MRI Wheelchair

BWHM-07MRI?compatible wheelchair is made of?entirely non-magnetic plastic material, no metal at all. It is designed specifically for use in and around the MRI suite,?best suitable for 3 Tesla?MRI machine?like brand Philips, Siemens, GE, Toshiba, Hitachi ect.??
All the material including?the leg part, wheel structure are all completely plastic material which is totally non-magnet.

The ? MR? mark is embroidered on the back part of the chair, reducing the chance that it will be confused with a standard normal wheelchair ( magnetic) or end up in another department. It is a great general purpose?MRI wheelchair.

Use place:
1, MRI room
2, Rehabilitation and care center
3, Retirement home
4, Medical Spas
5, Public Swimming pool
6, Airports
??Color: frame color: black, purple, grey,yellow
Cloth color: black, purple,red, orange, grey,blue, yellow

??Constructed?of?durable,?lightweight aero-grade polymers, contains no metals.
Specifications for middle size:
??Weight:?17 kgs w/ footrests
??Weight?Capacity:?100 kgs ( We already upgrade it into 150KGS)

Three standard dimension:
Big, middle, and small.
Small size suitable for children with loading capacity 60kgs
Middle and big size for adult with loading capacity 100kgs.
Various colors are optional

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