• Mammography System, Mammography X-ray Machine, Mammography Machine, Medical Mammography Machine, 3D Mammogram Machine

BTX-9800B Medical HF Mammography System Mammography X-ray Machine

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Mammography System, Mammography X-ray Machine, Mammography Machine, Medical Mammography Machine, 3D Mammogram Machine


Perlong Medical is professional medical equipment manufacturer since the year of 1993, now it has been grown up to one of the most famous medical equipment supplier all over the world.

Since the year of 1993, we started the research, manufacture, sales and after-sales for BTX-9800 series mammography system. The equipment was put into market formally in the year 1998. It means that our mammography equipment has been in the market for 16 years. We assure you the best quality, competitive price and excellent after-sales services.

Here is the real radiography pictures of our BTX-9800 series mammography system.

Why we do Mammography?

With the development of modern society, more and more women endure sub-health, and breast disease are the most common disease which influence women`s health, both mentally and physically. So we suggest women aged over 25 need to check-up every year to find out the disease at the very beginning, thus preventing the deterioration of disease.

Why us?

We are the?first manufacturer?in China who produce mammography,?so the technology and research is begin from us,?we have very good quality.

Since the first day we sell mammography system,?till now,?no complaint?rate,?the feedback is very good.

Our mammography system is the?only one?get the approval from China government and the only one pass the spot check by SFDA.

Our Mammography system can be used normally for at least?8-10 years.

We have local products??cost and?imported products??quality.

We have more than?20 years Experience?and our engineer occupy 50% of our total employee.

We support?one year warranty?and lifelong maintain.

Tube Options:?1. Hangzhou LR01 ??2. IAE C339V


It can connect to a CR system, to make the equipment digital one.

For Mammography system, it also has BTX-9800A and BTX-9800D models. BTX-9800A model is available for vehicle-mounted. BTX-9800D is of new injection molding?with Iso-centric function.

FAIR SUPPORT for Mammography System in Perlong Medical.

1.?RSNA – November at Chicago, the USA

2.?ECR – March at Vienna, Austria

3.?Hospitalar – May at Sao Paulo, Brazil

4.?Medica – October at Duesseldorf, Germany

5.?CMEF – Spring and Autumn twice a year in China

6.?Canton Fair – Spring and Autumn twice a year in Guangzhou, China

7.?Medica Asia – September in Singapore/ Thailand every year

8.?West African Health – September at Lagos, Nigeria

9.?Medint Kenya – April at Narobi Kenya

10.?Arab Health – January at Dubai, UAE

And so on…


1.?One year of free warranty and life time maintenance

2.?Quick response to customer?s feedback within 2 working ways

3.?Diverse ways to provide technical support


1. Exporting the products directly

2. OEM service

3. Exclusive agent in the assigned region.




(Hangzhou LR01)

BTX-9800B ?????????????????????????????(IAE C339V tube)

X-ray Generator

Output Rating


Input Power

Single phase 220VAC, 50/60Hz

Large Focal Point Rating


Small Focal Point Rating


Generator Type

High Frequency Inverter 80kHz

X-ray Tube

?X-ray Tube Brand

China Hangzhou
LR01 Tube




Focal Spot Size

Dual Focus 0.2 / 0.4mm

Dual Focus 0.1 / 0.3mm

Target Material

Molybdenum (Mo)

Port Material

Beryllium (Be)

Anode Heat Storage



Anode Cooling

Air cooling


Mo (0.03mm), Al (0.5mm)

Cassette Image Receptor

Bucky Device

18?24cm ??Bucky drive mechanism

Grid Ratio

5:1, 30 Line/cm

Radiographic Stand

C-arm vertical Movemen


C-arm Rotations





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