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BTX-9800B Medical HF Mammography System Mammography X-ray Machine

With the development of modern society, more and more women endure sub-health, and breast disease are the most common disease which influence women`s health, both mentally and physically. So we suggest women aged over 25 need to check-up every year to find out the disease at the very beginning, thus preventing the deterioration of disease.

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FAIR SUPPORT for Mammography System in Perlong Medical.
1.RSNA – November at Chicago, the USA
2.ECR – March at Vienna, Austria
3.Hospitalar – May at Sao Paulo, Brazil
4.Medica – October at Duesseldorf, Germany
5.CMEF – Spring and Autumn twice a year in China
6.Canton Fair – Spring and Autumn twice a year in Guangzhou, China
7.Medica Asia – September in Singapore/ Thailand every year
8.West African Health – September at Lagos, Nigeria
9.Medint Kenya – April at Narobi Kenya
10.Arab Health – January at Dubai, UAE
1.One year of free warranty and life time maintenance
2.Quick response to customer’s feedback within 2 working ways
3.Diverse ways to provide technical support
1. Exporting the products directly
2. OEM service
3. Exclusive agent in the assigned region.

X-ray Generator Output Rating 2kW
Input Power Single phase 220VAC, 50/60Hz
Large Focal Point Rating 20-35kV/10-510mAs
Small Focal Point Rating 20-35kV/10-100mAs
Generator Type High Frequency Inverter 80kHz
X-ray Tube  X-ray Tube Brand China Hangzhou
LR01 Tube
Anode Rotated
Focal Spot Size Dual Focus 0.2 / 0.4mm Dual Focus 0.1 / 0.3mm
Target Material Molybdenum (Mo)
Port Material Beryllium (Be)
Anode Heat Storage 100KJ 300kHU
Anode Cooling Air cooling
Filtration Mo (0.03mm), Al (0.5mm)
Cassette Image Receptor Bucky Device 18*24cm   Bucky drive mechanism
Grid Ratio 5:1, 30 Line/cm
Radiographic Stand C-arm vertical Movemen 580mm
C-arm Rotations +175°~-180°
SID 650mm

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