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AV-3010A Breathing Ventilator Machine Adult Pediatric Neonatal Ventilator

The instrument is used in a variety of medical institutions for mechanical or assisted ventilation for patients with respiratory failure or require mechanical ventilation, and monitoring and displaying ventilation parameters, building batteries and accessories, air compressors, detachable 15 inch big touch screen The simplest interface guides accurate control and convenient operation.

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Breathing Ventilator Machine Adult Pediatric Neonatal Ventilator Features:

1.Removable 15 inch large touch screen
2.Day and night mode change
3.Applied for adult,pediatric and infant
4. Professional separated non-invasive module, support leakage compensation
5. Automatic alarm setting adjusting
6. Pre-set ideal weight
7. Assistant Nebulization treatment/02 remedy
8. Multi-mode ventilation function (VCV, V-SIMV, P・SIMV,V・SIMV/PSV,PSV, PCV, CPAP, APNEA, BIPAP, APRV,PA・VC,SIGH)
9. The simplest interface boots a precise control and convenient operation
10. Advanced air compressor for air input
11. Self testing and calibration
12. Trends record and event log
13. Customerized monitoring windows
14. Auto-wash for exhaust valve

Technique Specifications
Physicall Specifications
Dimensions: 45″55″140cm
Weight: 65kg
Casters: Front wheels with lock
Screen: Removeable,hang-up type
Display Colour LCD,15inch with day/night mode
Display graphics Waveforms of P-T,F-T,V-T
Loops P-T,F-T,V-T
Screen Touch screen
Air Compressor Specifications
Power AC 220V±10%, 50Hz2%
Output pressure 0.4+0.1MPa
Noise ≤50dB
Ventilator Specifications
Modes of ventilation
VCV Volume control ventilation
APNEA(A/C) Assist Control
P-SIMV Pressure-SIMV
V-SIMV/PSV Volume-SIMV/Pressure Support Ventilation
CPAP Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
PA-VC Pressure Auto-Volume control
PCV pressure Control Ventilation
PSV Pressure Support Ventilation
O2 Remedy Oxygen Remedy
Ventilator Parameter
Tidal Volume range 10-2000ml
Pressure range 5-80 CIT1H2O
Rispriation Rate Range 1-150 bpm (1-40 bpm under SI MV)
Insp Time 0-12s
Oxygen concentration 21%-100%
Ptrigger Range -20-0cmH2O
Apnea Ti Range 0-6s
Type Integrated, Electronic control
Range 0-40cmH20
Vti, Vte, l:E, Freq, PEEP, Pplat, Ppeak, Pmean,
MV, Resistance, Exp R, Compliance, Dynamic C,
FiO2, Ptri depth, Ftri depth, RSBI
(Optional-FiCO2, EtCO2,C20/C),
Alarm Limits
Visual No tidal volume, MV,Paw, FiCh limitation
O2, Air failure, AC power failure, backup low
Audio No tidal volume, MV,Paw, F1O2 limitation
Pipeline supply
Gas configuration O2, Air
Pipeline input range 280-600kPa
Battery Power
Battery Type Lead-acid 12V, 4Ah
Run-time Typical 120 mins
Pre-setting functions
Calibration Touch pad/Flow rate/pressue/FiO2
General settings Password/time/day&night mode
Brightness setting
Record history
Patient therapy type Audlt/Pediatric Invasive
Audlt/Pediatric Non-lnvasive
Assistant therapy
Nebulization treatment
O2 Remedy
Auxiliary suction function
Interface specifications
Communication port RS-232,VGA,Ethernet, USB
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temp 5 °C ~ 40 °C
Storage Temp -10 °C~+40 °C
Humidity ≤80%
Atmosphere pressure 960hPa~1040 hPa

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