Why is a blood collection chair easier to draw blood from?


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Your blood drawing patients are not all the same, so you can’t expect one blood collection chair to meet all their needs. Providing your patients with chairs designed specifically for their size and inclinations not only makes it easier and safer to draw, it also increases satisfaction and comfort.

Not sure where to start looking for a blood collection chair?


As phlebotomists are aware, it is not uncommon for patients to faint or become dizzy after a blood draw. Recliners allow clinicians to keep patients in a safe, comfortable position before, during and after a blood draw. The adjustable design also creates a more relaxed experience for patients and allows clinicians easy access without awkward positioning. The result is safer and faster drawing.


Extra-wide chairs are often a comfortable option for bariatric patients, but they have other benefits too. They are often spacious enough to accommodate nervous children and parents. Tall blood-drawing chairs provide enough room for taller patients to stretch their legs. Both chair types are ideal for creating a comfortable position for the phlebotomist and their patients during a blood draw.


While the power chair cannot meet the needs of every patient, it is the closest you can get to an all-in-one blood collection chair solution. Power chairs allow clinicians to position patients quickly and easily, speeding up the phlebotomy process and increasing the productivity of the day. Most power chairs are equipped with hands-free lift controls for ease of use. In addition, as the chairs can be adapted to a wide range of body types, they provide maximum comfort for the patient and allow clinicians to access the extraction site more comfortably, thus reducing the risk of injury and accidents.


blood collection chair,blood donation chair,blood draw

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