• Drip Stand, IV Pole, IV Stand, Adjustable Stand

BIV03 Hospital Adjustable Drip Stand IV Pole IV Stand

Hospital IV Poles and built to last with durable casters.  Choose from Standard IV Poles with 2, 4, or 6 Hooks, IV Poles with Collapsible Bases, Stainless Steel IV Poles with Color Coded Bases and Stainless Steel IV Poles with Ergonomic Hand Crank and many more options.

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BIV03 Adjustable Drip Stand IV Pole IV Stand Features:
1. The brine holder is made of 304 stainless steel, with the diameter of the lower pipe 25mm and the diameter of the upper pipe 16mm. There are four hooks for 4 brine bags.
2. Rotary lifting design of locking sleeve, adjustable height :1260-1970mm, convenient to adjust the height of brine shelf, and then control the flow rate of brine.
3. 360 ° boosting the armrest, can adjust the height and angle at any time according to the patient’s height, the design is in line with the principle of human body, the grip is comfortable, and the operation is light.
4. Abs plastic five-wheel base, base diameter :450mm, good balance.
5. Three inch rubber casters without brakes, with good mobility.
6. Medical facilities installed in hospitals, nursing homes, welfare homes, etc.
7. Optional device basket for hanger, suitable for different infusion forms;
Drip Stand, IV Pole, IV Stand, Adjustable Stand


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