• Adjustable 7 Functions Electric Two Column ICU Tilt Bed With Foot Pedal Control

BIC801 Adjustable 7 Functions Electric Two Column ICU Tilt Bed With Foot Pedal Control

Product Use:
A full electric hospital bed features electric motor controls that raise the head, foot and height of the bed frame with a push of a button. This type of adjustable electric bed is ideal for anyone who needs a hospital style bed for use at home, hospital or nursing home.

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The 801 Electric Hospital Bed provided by WANROOEMED is an American style electric adjustable bed that is with good quality, excellent function and affordable price comparing with American made hospital bed. This new adjustable bed for overweight patients provides progressive mobility with flexible wound and pulmonary therapies.
Optional Air Mattress: Helps prevent and treat pressure ulcers.
BIC801 Adjustable 7 Functions Electric? Bed With Foot Pedal Control Features:
1) Overall size: 2200*1050*520-920mm, bed surface: 1900*900mm
2) Frame: mild steel ERW rectangular tubes, treated by electrostatic powder-coating
3) Bed board: perforated steel, epoxy powder coated and baked finish, 4-part
4) Headboard/footboard: ABS, detachable, with safe lock
5) Side rail: ABS, tuck away type with safe lock
6) Motor: JIECHANG motor, with backup battery
7) Manual CPR AND electric CPR
8) Controller: hand controller and foot pedal control on bottom of bed
10) One- touch heart chair position
10) Castors: Central-controlled double sides wheels, 150mm
11) Weight load: 250kg
12) Bumpers on four corners
13) Standard accessories: I.V pole 1pc, IV pole holes 4pcs, Drainage hooks 2pcs

BIC801 Adjustable 7 Functions Electric Bed Specialty:
1) Backrest max upward angle: 75°
2) Footrest max upward angle: 45°
3) Height: 520-920mm
4) Trendelenburg: 12°
5) Reversed-Trendelenburg:12°
6) left tilt: 12°
7) right tilt:12°
8) weighting scale: optional
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