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BIC700EC Luxurious 7 Functions Adjustable Electric Hospital Care Bed

A Full Electric Hospital Bed is a large, specially designed hospital bed built on a sturdy, metal, and motorized adjustable-height bed frame that allows the head, knee and foot segments to be adjusted, as well as enabling the entire bed to be lowered or raised by the touch of an easy-to-use handheld electronic control, which results in an anatomically correct sleep surface for each unique user.

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BIC700EC 7 Functions Electric Bed Parameter:
Measurement: Full length: 223cm
Full width: including the side rails: 105cm
without the side rails: 99cm
Bed base measurement: Bed base length: 196cm
Bed base width: 90cm
Bed vertical moving range: 40cm
Technical features: Back section panel: 0~70°
Leg section panel: 0~30°
Left leaning: 0~17°
Right leaning: 0~17°
Trendelenburg: 0~12°
Anti -Trendelenburg: 0~12°
Loading capacity: 250kg
Static load: 400kg
Safe working load: 170kg

BIC700EC 7 Functions Electric Bed Configuration:
1.Center control silent 15cm castors, deluxe lightweight stainless steel joystick
2. All functions can be controlled by the padels on both side
3. Hand set control
4. Side rail control
5. Optional: weight reading system, mattress, IV pole
6. The bed foot control panel display
7. Bed panel: electric panel made in America, back rest X-ray
8. CPR a quick release
9. Soft plastic anti-collision wheel
10.PP side rail
11. Surface electrostatic powder coating

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