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BD26D Hospital Adjustable Transfer Trolley Transfer Patient Cart

It is the best choice for emergency room, ICU room for transferring patient, the security, reliability and practicability of the stretcher meet national standard. Transport Stretchers can be accessorized with Oxygen Tank Holders, multiple IV Poles, Push Handles, Arm Boards, and many other options.

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BD26D Hospital Adjustable Transfer Trolley Transfer Patient Cart Features:

1. The patient mover is used to transfer the patient automatically between the hospital bed & operating theatre, without any inconvenience to the patient and easy to use by the operator.
2. Reducing the risk of injury to the patient &operator.
3. The patient movers height is adjustable to all types of hospital beds and theatre tables.
4. The foot brake controls all 4 castors that can be locked into position during a transfer procedure.
5. The patient movers retractable safety side rails allow an easy on/off transfer.
6. The hand control is easy to use when transferring the patient.
7. Storage batteries are safe and easy to transfer.
8. IV pole slot.
IV pole
Oxygen Bottle Holder
Adjustable Transfer Cot, Medical Patient Transfer Stretcher, Hospital Patient Cart, Electric Transfer Stretcher

Surface dimension(L*W) 2140mm*810mm
Range of height 650mm-1050mm
Distance of movement board 600mm
Equipment weight 300kg
Speed of movement board 30mm/s
Maximal load 200kg
Storage battery (12V.12AH)*2
Power of the equipment 270W(3*90W,DC24V motors)
Power for charge AC220V, 50Hz
Input Power 150W


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