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BD111BA Hospital Patient Transfer Stretcher Electric Transfer Cart Transfer Trolley

It is the best choice for emergency room, ICU room for transferring patient, the security, reliability and practicability of the stretcher meet national standard. Transport Stretchers can be accessorized with Oxygen Tank Holders, multiple IV Poles, Push Handles, Arm Boards, and many other options.

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BD111BA Electric Transfer Cart Transfer Trolley Instructions:
1.It is a type of electric stretcher. Linak motors supply power source, the bed provides 250kg capacity.
2.Back section is made of USA Electrolytic wood with X-ray cassette.
3.Trendelenburg/reverse-trendelenburg, height adjustment, can be reached by foot pedal easily.
4.Four wheel braking system, steering system, 200mm diameter castors reach mobility easy and convenient.
5.Fowler position is reached by gas spring.
6.Knee section manual control by hand crank.
7.Ergonomic push handles.
8.Frames with red rubber strip, beauty and anticollision.
9.Four wheel braking system and steering system reach mobility easily and convenient.
10.Stailness steel siderails, or aluminum alloy siderails.
1.The frame is cold rolled steel with coating by twice electrostatic spray
2.Linak motors supply power source, the bed provides 250kg capacity.
3.Once injection PP undercarriage, PP siderails, PP plateform, anticollision, easy to clean.
Technical Specifications:
Size: 2100*800*720-950mm
Backrest max upward angle: 90°
Footrest max upward angle: 45°
Standard Accessories:
IV pole, mattress

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