BBC002A Medical ABS Movable Nursing Baby Bed Transport Infant Bed

Neonatal transport must be considered an extension of the NICU, and the same philosophy of care delivered in the NICU should be delivered in the transport vehicle. Our neonatal transport beds are specifically engineered to provide comfort to your patient, while offering the features and functionality your team needs to provide an elevated level of care.

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BBC002A Medical ABS Movable Nursing Baby Bed Features:
Angle adjusting handle
Using high quality gas spring to Stepless lift,Angle range 0-12 °
The frame is made of high-quality steel. argon-arc welding and environmental protection coating, the safety performance of  strong and corrosion resistant.
Fabric is waterproof and breathable, fire resistance, flame retardant, antibacterial, non-toxic and so on.
Basket under the bed frame,  more easy of Nursing.
Using φ100mm double-sided casters. More stability and safety.
Sleeping basin
Using high quality imported fully transparent ABS material
Optional: mosquito net
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Size Full length 850mm Full width 530mm Full height 920mm
Casters brake φ100mm
φ100mm casters (with diagonal fixings)
Weight Product weight 16kg
Material Bed frame High quality steel
 Sleeping basin Imported ABS
Range of motion Angle 0°~ 12°
Load Safe working load Sleeping basin: 15kg  basket: 5kg

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