BAT-72 Hospital Medical ABS Cart Anesthesia Trolley With Storage Boxes

Anaesthesia carts are used to store the management procedures needed during anaesthesia and are essential aid tools for hospital equipment. Anesthesia refers to the use of drugs to calm the patient’s mind and prevent him or her from feeling any pain during the surgical procedure. It is important to properly organize and maintain anesthesia tools so that patients can receive proper anesthesia care.

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BAT-72 ABS Cart Anesthesia Trolley Features:
1. Mainly consisted of the aluminum ,steel and ABS plastic structure; four-column steel bearing the load.
2. ABS molding process on the bottom of the injection molding, cupped design is to prevent items from falling, the table is equipped with 304 stainless steel guardrail, countertops with transparent soft glass.
3.Left side of the body: defibrillator platform, hidden deputy workbench, debris boxes.
4. Behind the cart: With invisable container box which can lift up and down.
5. Drawer handle is the long style, sealed slot card, to prevent liquid and dust;label area is according to ergonomic design, slot-type tilt up easy to check, handhold is thick when you touch inside.
6. The bottom: luxury Universal Mute wheel inserted, of which two with brake function, castor is made of high-strength polyurethane. Anti-static, anti-hair winding, can mobile flexibly.

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Body Front: First drawers?surface/Inner?Size: Second Medium Drawer/Inner?Size: G.W./N.W.
Central lock,equipped with double drawer 80mm/424*375*68mm 120mm/424*375*110mm 46.6KG/41.4KG


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