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BAM301G Double Arm 3 Cranks Hospital Orthopedic Traction Bed

The orthopedic Traction Frame is mainly designed for diagnosis, correction, prevention, and treatment for the patient with disorders of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and skin. The fraction frame is suitable for a variety of beds, is installed in four I.V,Pole-holders.

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BAM301G Double Arm 3 Cranks Orthopedic Traction Bed Features:
Aluminum alloy head board and footboard
Powder coated steel bed frame
Bed surface made of cold rolled steel plate
5-aluminum alloy side railings
Central lock castor
3 cranks
Stainless steel traction shelf
Technical Specifications:
Overall size (L*W*H): 2130*990*490mm
Sleeping bed: 1960*830mm
Backrest max upward angle: 75°
Knee section(left) upward angel: 40°
Knee section(right) upward angel: 40°
Loading: 250kgs

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