• Medical Children Bed, Hospital Child Bed, Multi-functional Children Bed, Secure Child Bed

BAM202C Medical Multi-functional Child Bed Secure Children Bed

With the development of medicine, hospitals now have higher requirements for beds. This bed meets the expectations of medical staff and patients, provides more effective treatment methods and increases more convenient operation. Relying on technological innovation and more intelligent breakthroughs, this hospital bed can help nursing staff to complete the nursing process more quickly, and also successfully save resources for the hospital.

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Style design
Multi-functional children’s bed with simple design style, with high brightness, high saturation of yellow, can give patients more lively, pleasant and comfortable experience, give patients a hope of rehabilitation and give patients a happy mood to help their rehabilitation.
No sharp corners, less protruding handle, linear motion, motor column positioning accurate, smooth movement.
Guardrail for HDPE full guardrail fence type structure, manufacturing precision, strong structure; Internal pressure lifting switch is adopted. When the guardrail is opened, it is 560mm above the bed surface, which is safe and reliable.
Bed body back
Adopting sheet metal technology, 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plate is made by one-time laser cutting, porous design, with good anti-skid and air permeability.
Double-sided 5-inch central control caster is imported. The wheel face is made of TPR wear-resistant material, and the caster skeleton is made of aviation aluminum material by one-time die-casting.
European head and tail board
HDPE material is used for blow molding, the surface is smooth and easy to clean, full guardrail fence type structure, and the bed frame is locked with a single step rapid disassembly function, eccentric wheel locking structure, stable and reliable, the headboard and tail board special shape, humanized design is completely in line with the wrist activity Angle.
Medical Children Bed, Hospital Child Bed, Multi-functional Children Bed, Secure Child Bed

The tail of the head of a bed 1
HDPE guardrail 4
Linear motor 4
Remote control handle 1
Side brake pedal 2
6-inch central control double-sided wheel 4
Anti-collision wheel 4
Steel plate 1
Infusion stand socket 4
Mobile drainage hook 2


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