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BAE503 Hospital Medical Electric Adjustable 5 Functions Patient ICU Bed

Electric hospital beds are controlled by a hand pendant or a staff control. An electric bed has two, three or four motors to independently raise and lower sections of the bed. This type of bed needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet, and users typically have a back-up battery connected in case of a power outage. Hand controller has large buttons with pictures to make operating the bed easy.

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Separate lifting fence
The guardrail can be moved with the bed. Whether the patient is lying on the bed or resting in a half-bed, the guardrail can effectively protect the patient and reduce the risk of falling.
The gap between the rear guardrail and the rear bed plate is small, no guardrail baffle is needed, and it can operate with the function of the bed while protecting the safety of the patient
Bed covering
Independent bed-board edging, easy to clean, safe and beautiful
High-quality bed panel
High-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the overall mold is stamped and formed at one time, strong and durable, and good strength. Multiple ventilation holes, perfect ventilation effect
Hand-held controller
Equipped with hand-held controller, graphical instructions, easy to operate
Angle display device
The front and rear guardrails are equipped with a angle display device, which is convenient for medical staff to observe and confirm the patient’s condition.
Drainage bag hook
There are four drainage bag hooks on both sides of the bed board
Headboard/ footboard
The headboard/ footboard can be quickly disassembled, so that the nursing staff can operate it more conveniently during the treatment or other needs. At the same time, the head/foot of the bed can also be locked, ensuring the safety of the patient during transportation.
Restraint device
There are three restraint device on the left and right sides under the bed board, which have high strength.
Guardrail touch controller
Bedside control buttons are embedded on the inside of the guardrail and the outside of the front guardrail to facilitate the operation of patients and medical staff.
Patient controller has emergency stop button
Electric and manual CPR
Both sides of the bed are equipped with manual CPR function, which can quickly restore the bed board to a horizontal state during emergency and power failure.
The operation panel and the hand-held controller have electric CPR button functions.
Central control casters
Silent medical double-sided casters with a diameter of 125mm, can perform locked, free and directional three-stage type.
Brake operation can be performed around the bed.
The lowest position indicator of the bed
When the bed is not at the lowest height, the orange LED on the guardrail operation panel lights up. When lowered to the lowest height, the light goes out. It is easy to see if the bed at the lowest position or not when nursing staffs patrol at night.
Only for products with nurse operation panel.
New safety guardrail
When the inside of the guardrail is stressed and cannot be opened, it must be pressed inward from the outside to open the guardrail, effectively avoiding the risk of patients falling into bed.
X-ray bed board
Oxygen cylinder holder
IV Pole
Extended bed frame
Weighing system

Item Specification
Size Length 2140mm
Width 1050mm(raise the guardrail)
1040mm(lower the guardrail)
Range of motion High-low 450-770mm
Back lift 0~70°
Knee lift 0~25°
Knee lift 0~22°
Tilt -12°~12°
Caster Φ125mm central control caster
Battery Yes
Safe working load 250kg


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