BAE502IC Hospital Five Function Advanced Electric Nursing Bed With One-button Function

The WANROOEMED BAE502IC Advanced Electric Hospital Bed is an adjustable electric hospital bed that is with good quality and safety at an affordable price. The BAE502IC Electric Bed meets stringent quality and safety standards, and it is a good choice for patients and caregivers.

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BAE502IC Five Function Advanced Electric Nursing Bed Features:
1. 4 LINAK(31 series) motors
2. Tuckaway siderails, zero-transfer gap
3. Battery backup
4. Manual CPR handle
5. Lockout control on footend
6. 12° trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg
7. Head section and knee section can move at the same time for cardiac chair position
8. 4-position IV pole mounts on four corner, and on each side of electric bed, with additional one each side
9. Blow-molded headboard and footboard, single-step removal
10. 4pcs of mobile centrally controlled castors
11. Standard length sleep deck-1960mm length, 900mm width
12. With drainage hook and adjustable IV pole
13. Compatibility with most:
-standard mattress
-overbed tables in the low position
-beside cabinet
14. PP carriage base, bumpers,full sleep deck X-ray available, long siderail optional
One button function:
1. Cardio chair turn on with one button
2. CPR position turn on with one button
3. Laying, sitting, recovery position with one button
4. Trendelenburg with one button
5. Emergency Stop button, when any emergency, nurse can press that red button to stop
5 functions:
1) Backrest max upward angle: 75°
2) Footrest max upward angle: 45°
3) Height: 480-860mm
4) Trendelenburg: 12°
5) Reversed-Trendelenburg:12°
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Dimensions Bed length with standard sleep deck: 2230mm
Width (with resident assist rails up): 1050mm
Width (with resident assist rails down): 990mm
Height adjustment 40-80cn with 5inch castors.Height adjustment 48-86 with 6 inch castors
Sleep deck Width:900mm
Normal length:1960mm
Functions Max head elevation: 75°
Max knee elevation: 45°
Max Trend and reverse Trend: 12°
Height: 480-860mm
Max safe load 250kg
Optional scale system Accuracy:0.1kg( 0.05kg  0.02kg optional)
Castor 6 inch standard
pacakge By wooden package suitable for sea way shipment


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