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BAE501 Medical Electric Column Structure ICU Hospital Bed With Weight Scale

BAE501 Electric Hospital Bed is an adjustable electric hospital bed with weight scale that is with good quality and safety at an affordable price. It is with column structure, vertical up/down, no horizontal displacement when lifting up/down.

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BAE501 Bed built-in several unique features:
–One-button control reach different position.
–Caregiver Ergonomics with features that help provide safer patient mobility and ease of use, the WANROOEMED BAE501 Bed was designed with caregiver safety as a priority.
–With battery backup-when power off, the bed can work as normal under battery.
–Lockout buttons on footend-avoid mistaken operations.
–Alarm when patient leaves the bed- false alarms when patient weight fewer.
–Central lock castor-step the brake, 4 castor brakes one time.
Column structure
Molded cold steel sleeping platform
4 pcs of LINAK motors
4 pcs of PP long siderails, 2 with embedded buttons for the patient
Headboard/footboard: PP, detachable, footboard with embedded button for nurse control, with lockout buttons
CPR handles on two side of bed
IV pole
Cenral lock system, 125 mm diameter castors

Bed length with standard sleep deck 2230mm
Width (with resident assist rails up) 1050mm
Width (with resident assist rails down) 990mm
Height of sleep deck (in low position) 520mm
Height of sleep deck (in high position) 760mm
Sleep deck
Width 900mm
Normal length 1960mm
Max head elevation 75°
Mas knee elevation 45°
Max Trend and reverse Trend 12°
Caster size 125mm
Max safe load 250kg
Optional scale system
Accuracy 0.1kg(0.05kg 0.02kg optional)


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