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BAE308 Three-Function Luxury European Style Electric Bed with Higher Siderail

Electric hospital beds are controlled by a hand pendant or a staff control. An electric bed has two, three or four motors to independently raise and lower sections of the bed. This type of bed needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet, and users typically have a back-up battery connected in case of a power outage. Hand controller has large buttons with pictures to make operating the bed easy.

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BAE308 Three-Function Electric Bed with Higher Siderail Features:
1.With electric remote control, it is more convenient to operate.
2.The chassis is specially designed in European style, luxurious and expensive.
3.Patent anti-collision wheel, detachable, in the periphery of the bed to protect the bed transport safety, anti-collision and durable.
4.The bed surface is laser cutting and punching.
Optional Accessories:
1.Telescopic stainless steel IV drip pole with 4 hook
2.Lifting pole
4. Litter basket
BAE308 Three-Function Electric Bed with Higher Siderail Technical Parameter:
Back-rest lifting angle is 75°
Knee-rest lifting angle is 40°
Height adjustment 480~860mm large lifting range
Sleeping surface: 1900x900x480~860mm
Packing dimensions:2200x1100x500mm
Safe working load: 250kg ( mattress included )
Side railings dimensions: 1330×230~430mm

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