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BAE303MA Hospital 3 Functions ICU Room Electric Bed With Manual 3 Cranks

Three Function Electric care bed have functions as follow: whole bed body lift up and down with balance, backside lifts up and down, leg bends and extends, legs lift up and down, etc. By adjusting the bed body’s lifting, users enables the bed to meet different nursing requirements; by adjusting the backside and leg, user makes himself, herself sitting or lying comfortably to feel relax and ease.

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BAE303MA 3 Functions Electric Bed Features:
With manual functions when power off, bed surface with soft connection device
1. Made of superior cold-rolled steel
2. Treated by shot blasting, electrophoresis and powder coating
3. 6-bars aluminum alloy guardrail
4.4 sections of bed surface, made of steel punching
5. 4pcs of 5 inch centrol castor
6. 3 high quality motors+3 cranks system
Headboard/foot board: PP, detachable
Guardrail: 6-bars aluminum alloy guardrail, foldable
IV pole and drainage hook
4 pcs of 5 inch central lock castors
remote hand control hanging on the guardrail
Technical Parameters:
Size: 2150*980*450-700mm
Height: 450-700mm
Sleeping Surface: 1960*830mm
Backrest max upward angle: 75°
Footrest max upward angle: 40°
loading: 250kgs

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