BAE2092 Two Function Home Care Bed Folding Guardrail Nursing Bed

High comfort care bed with stepless motorized motion of the platform lifting system, the backrest and the foot rest. Suitable for use in nursing homes and in a homely environment. It is used for families, hospitals etc, a popular product for EU market.

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BAE2092 Two Function Home Care Bed Features:
1.Specifications: the length of the bed board is 1950mm, the total length is 2140mm, the width of the bed board is 900mm, the full width is 1020mm, and the height of the bed board is 450mm (the height of the bed board to the ground can be adjusted).
2.The bed panel is made of cold-rolled steel plate with one-time punching molding, without welding seam. The bed frame is a 30*50*1.5mm rectangular tube with rounded corners, which needs one-time molding.
3.The whole bed adopts electrostatic spraying process to achieve the functions of rust prevention, environmental protection and antibacterial.
4.Function: Body position adjustment function — back electric lift 0-70°, knee electric lift 0-25°, foot manual adjustment 0-22°.
5.Headboard and tail board: the removable headboard is made of wood material, which is pressed into shape in one time. It has a locking device, which is convenient for disassembly, rescue, special care and safe handling of patients in case of emergency.
6.Guardrail: all aluminum alloy lift guardrail, mounted on the bed frame, it is light and convenient to put down and raise, to ensure the safety of patients to the maximum extent.
7.Drainage bags and 4 attached hooks are set on both sides of the bed board.
8.Casters: Double-sided casters with a diameter of 125mm are adopted and equipped with a locking, free and directional three-stage seesaw central control locking device; Double-sided closed design anti-static, acid resistance is excellent, quiet, anti-winding.

Cold rolled steel spraying bed frame 1
All aluminum alloy lift type guardrail 2
Removable head wood bed tail board 2
Motor control box 1
Electric manual controller 1
Medical double-sided casters 4
Central control brake system 1
Mattress slide stopper 4
Mattress slide 2
Bed side drainage bag racks 4
Jacks for standard infusion stand 4

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