B Ultrasonic, Color Ultrasonic, Three – dimensional, Four – dimensional Science Popularization


The use scope of B exceeds a machine more and more extensive, not only hospital can buy B to exceed a machine now, a few small outpatient service also can buy B to exceed, have individual to buy B to exceed a machine even, what is the working principle of that B exceeds a machine? What are the types? Here’s a look at the details.
B ultrasonic machine concept
B-type ultrasound, commonly known as “B-mode ultrasound”, is a medical examination that patients are often exposed to when they visit the doctor. In clinic, it is widely used in cardiology, gastroenterology, urology and obstetrics and gynecology disease diagnosis.
The working principle of B ultrasonic machine
The working principle of b-type ultrasonic instrument is basically the same as that of A-type ultrasonic instrument. It is composed of the main control circuit, transmitting circuit, receiving circuit (high frequency signal amplifier, video signal amplifier), scanning generator, image display (electron gun, deflection system, fluorescent screen) and transducer.
The main control circuit is also known as the synchronous trigger signal generator, which periodically produces the synchronous trigger pulse signal, respectively triggering the transmitting circuit and the time-base scanning circuit in the scanning generator. The repetition frequency of ultrasonic pulse transmission is controlled by it. Usually, the repetition frequency of synchronous trigger signal is the repetition frequency of ultrasonic pulse transmission.
When the transmitting circuit is triggered by synchronous signal, a high frequency electric pulse excites the transducer.
The receiving circuit receives the ultrasonic information reflected by the human body tissue, which has the following main processes: (1) amplification and logarithmic compression of high-frequency ultrasonic signals; (2) Detection of high-frequency ultrasonic signals, converted into video signals; (3) Amplify the video signal; The enlarged video signal is displayed on the monitor.
After the transducer converts the echo signal into high-frequency electrical signal, the video envelope signal detected by the detector is amplified and processed by the video signal amplifier, and then added to the grid of the display for brightness modulation.
The scanning voltage generated by the scanning generator causes the electron beam to scan according to a certain rule and display the section image on the display.
The display of ultrasonic echo signal is realized by display device. The common display is cathode ray tube (CRT). Cathode ray tube has two kinds: electrostatic (oscilloscope tube) and magnetic deflection (picture tube). They have the same basic structure. The main difference is that the former USES electric field deflection, while the latter USES magnetic deflection system.
The purpose of an electron plate is to emit a very fast and thin beam of electrons. The function of the deflection system is to control the electron beam to deflect with the change of applied voltage.
B ultrasonic machine type
B-ultrasound, also known as two-dimensional ultrasound, is divided into black and white and color. With black and white color ultrasound B to exceed all belong to the category of ultrasound, their functions are spread by ultrasound in human body and human body all kinds of organizations have the characteristics of acoustic differences, to display the form of various organizations and their pathological changes, and connecting with the pathology, clinical medicine, observation, analysis, summarized different reflection law, thus the lesion location, nature and degree of dysfunction diagnosis is made.
The black and white B ultrasound is an acoustic image using gray modulation display beam to scan the human body section. In clinical application, it mainly shows the relationship between the location, shape, size, boundary and internal echo of the probe site and the mass, the strength of the echo behind the mass, the formation of the mass and the echo of adjacent tissues.
Color B-ultrasound is not color, its full name is color Doppler ultrasound, mainly by color blood flow signal to reflect the hemodynamics of different organs. Color B-ultrasound machine usually has five ultrasonic diagnostic methods: B-ultrasound, M-type, pulse doppler, continuous Doppler, color Doppler blood flow imaging. Based on black and white B-ultrasound, it USES color processor to pseudo-color code blood flow signal, and USES red, blue and green three basic colors and their mixed colors to display the direction, velocity and turbulence degree of blood flow, thus forming a two-dimensional image of blood flow state. It can visually display the distribution, movement, direction, nature and velocity of blood flow of blood vessels. Because color B ultrasound has more than five diagnostic methods, compared with a single black and white B ultrasound, more functions, more ways to diagnose diseases, the diagnosis of diseases is more clear.

Ordinary B ultrasound, color ultrasound, three – dimensional, four – dimensional difference
It’s all ultrasound, it’s all ultrasound, it’s all ultrasound, it’s all ultrasound, it’s all ultrasound, it’s all ultrasound, it’s all ultrasound.
1. B-ultrasound, also known as two-dimensional ultrasound. The principle is very simple, is to send ultrasonic waves into the body, ultrasound is a kind of sound, has the ability to penetrate, and like all sound, when it meets the barrier will produce echoes, different barriers will echo in different ways, using a computer to collect these echoes, converted into the corresponding image displayed on the screen.
2. Color doppler ultrasound is also a black and white, two-dimensional image, but on the basis of ordinary B ultrasound, the color Doppler ultrasound detection and diagnosis technology is available to observe the blood flow of the fetus, which is conducive to the timely detection of fetal abnormalities. Because blood flow can be colored, when the umbilical cord around the neck will see the baby’s neck in the shape of a U or W blood flow, it is easy to see whether the cord is around the neck.
3. Three-dimensional means to collect many, many b-ultrasound images and rearrange them in a certain order to form three-dimensional images through image processing technology.
4. Four dimension, is in the basis of the three dimension added time dimension, parents can see the child’s dynamic.

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