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APP-T04 Hospital Medical Alternating Pressure Tubular Air Mattress With Pump

A patient’s mattress can have a significant impact on their quality of sleep and their ability to recover from illness or injury. It’s important for hospitals to provide their patients with supportive and comfortable mattresses at all times.

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APP-T04 Air Mattress With Pump  Features:
–Stage V special treatment for high risk care
–Top grade TPU from Taiwan
–Double CPR, Pillow function, Ventilation Cover with zipper
–Double layers, cell on cell or cell in cell
–Bottom layer static and upper layer A-B alternating for pressure relief and anti-bedsore/decubitus
–Warranty: 12 months

Item: APP-T04
Size: 80inch L*32-42inch W*8inch H (18 cells)
4.5″ 18 cells and 5″ 16 cells for more options
Mattress material: Nylon /TPU
Cover material: 4 way stretch PU
Bottom material: Nylon PVC
Mattress weight: 6.53kgs
Weight capacity: 210kg

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