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AOTA400 Medical Manual Control Spine Frame Spinal Fixation Surgery Bracket

The product adopts two groups of parabolic curved surfaces to support the patient’s body. The distance of the breast pad can be adjusted by manually shaking the handle, and the angle of the curved surface and the distance of the head support can be adjusted by bolts, so as to make the chest and abdomen of the patient’s body close to the bending and extension radians required by the operation as much as possible, so as to meet the needs of hand operation.

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AOTA400 Medical Manual Control Spine Frame Spinal Fixation Surgery BracketBracket Description:
The Spinal fixation of a unique structure is designed to meet the necessary surgery to patients of various range of motion of the body, conveniently for the surgical procedure and postoperative fixation. Spine frames of Bilateral arc plate support avoid the oppression of the chest and abdomen, reducing surgical blood loss. Spinal surgery brackets are convenient to adjust the width of supporter, distance, the height of head supporter, feet pad position for fitting a variety of body sizes of patients. Material of abdominal support plate and head supporter is soft, so that surface curvature can be smoothly adjusted, to meet adjustment during surgery and spine reset requirement after surgery. The medical frame can meet the X-ray requirements in spinal fixation surgery.
AOTA400 Medical Manual Control Spine Frame Spinal Fixation Surgery Bracket Features:
1. The spine bracket adopts ABS material for X-ray examination
2. The camber of the curved surface is adjustable
3.The space between abdominal supporters or the length between head supporters can be appropriately adjusted
4.Manual control system

Main Parameter
Model AOTA400
Power: 220V,50HZ
Voltage: 20W
Max Support Length: ≥700mm
Support Surface Shelf Open Distance: 0~190mm
Spine Bucking Angle: -15°~ -75°
Head Rest Adjusted Distance: 0~300mm
Head Rest Adjusted Height: 0~150mm(from the chasis upper plate)
Breast Pad adjusted Width: 0~80mm(Bracket axis as standard)
Max Loading of Breast Pad: 135kg
Max Loading of Head Rest: 10kg
Effect capacity ≥100kg
Package: 82*45*32cm, 15KGS

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