AOTA306 3-Point Cranial Head Frame For Neurosurgery Surgery

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AOTA306 3-Point Cranial Head Frame Features:

1. Have Swivel Adaptor and Pivot Adaptor for choose
2. Level rotation Angle for the Pivot Adaptor/Swivel Adaptor: 360°
3. Vertical plane Angle for the 1) Pivot Adaptor: 0°-90°
2)Swivel Adaptor: 0°
4. Made of the high quality aluminum alloy, surface-harding treatment. Lighter and more durable
5. Quick-release Lock
6. 360N torque screw
7. Gel pad headresting
8. Could match with DORO and MAYFIELD
9. The distance of the threaded hole on transitional member is 190-590mm

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