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AOTA303-A007 Medical J Arm Frame Neurosurgery Skull Clamp Brain Retractor System

When performing cranial or spinal surgery in neurosurgery, it is often necessary to retract the skin and muscle tissue. A good surgical field exposure can be said to be one of the keys to the success of the whole operation. On the basis of ensuring the comfort and safety of patients, placing patients in a suitable surgical position is conducive to the exposure of the surgical field and reducing the difficulty of surgery.

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AOTA303-A007 Medical J Arm Frame Neurosurgery Skull Clamp Brain Retractor System Description:
The medical J Arm Head Skull fixed to operating tables for neuro surgeries, orthopedic surgeries etc. The medical J Arm Head Skull can be rotated and adjusted forward and backward, left and right, up and down according to surgery requirement. Flexible arms, retractors and other small neuro instruments can be directly fixed to the system to facilitate surgeries. During surgery, surgeons can take hand rest as support so as to ensure surgery more stable, safe and decrease surgeon’s fatigue.
AOTA303-A007 Medical J Arm Frame Neurosurgery Skull Clamp Brain Retractor System Features:
1. The head frame is composed of three parts: base, connector and head clip
2. Ring design, consisting of two semicircles forming the head ring, to achieve a full range of 360° continuous pulling.
3. The material is stable and easy to bend and finalize the design.
4. The width of the base can be adjusted, and can be adapted to a variety of operating beds. Fixed handle is firm and will not spring open.
5. Cardan head joint is compact, can rotate 360°, with the head frame to complete the fixation of various positions.
6. The surface is smooth and hard after special drawing treatment, with anti-corrosion, anti-aging and uniform appearance.
7. The inner dovetail groove design makes the snake arm firmly installed to avoid accidents caused by slippage.
8. The loop design of the brain retractor system (head loop) is composed of two semicircular circles, adjustable from 0 to 180 degrees, which can achieve 360 degrees of traction to meet the needs of various surgical positions.
9. Ergonomic design, adapted fully to the surgical filed.
10. J-arm can be fixed in any position and any direction.
11. J-arm stands for increased flexibility with secured connection.

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